Best DIY Lip Balm

Now that I officially bummed all of you out with my last post (sorry!), I am going to take a moment to talk about something super important: chap stick. Because seriously, I am addicted to it. Pretty sure there hasn’t been a moment of my life since I was 11 that my lips have been dry.  I think this obsession first started thanks to Bonnie Bell lip smackers. The flavors, omg who didn’t love the lemonade kind or Dr. Pepper? Plus, it also was a necklace, what else could you want? It was basically my dream in life to look as cool as this girl and also have all those chap sticks. (I would have been so jealous of her side braid).

I always have at least 3 different versions of lip balm/chap stick/ lip gloss  that I use in rotation depending on the situation.  Regarding lip gloss, I am very particular about it because I think having sticky lips that feel like someone glued them together is an excellent form of torture.  Worst. Thing. Ever. And for some reason, there are loads of lip glosses that are sticky, icky. My go-to affordable lip gloss: NYX Butter Gloss. I have about 4 of these and every time I wear the cherry pie shade people always ask where I got it. For chap stick, I really like Burt’s Bees. Goes on smooth, moisturizes and they have a ton of amazing flavors. For lip balm, I’m a sucker for Eos.  I love that I can always find that little egg in my purse. Currently in love with the vanilla mint flavor.

If I were kidnapped and taken to desert island and they told me I could only have 3 things, one of them would be chap stick. Or better, it would be coconut oil so I could make mine because I just learned that it is super easy to do it yourself.  If you are mad for lip balm like me then you should absolutely copy this super easy recipe for homemade lip balm. I usually use this when I’m about to go to bed and I wake up in the morning with super soft lips.

DIY Lip Balm

  • What you’ll need:
    • Lipbalm container (I used these from amazon)
    • 1 TB Coconut Oil
    • 1 t honey
    • 1/2 TB bees wax (they sell this at most craft stores)
    • mixing bowl
    • lip stick for color (optional)
  • How to make it:
    • Step 1: Mix coconut  oil, shaved bees wax (I used a cheese grater because it melts faster) and honey together in a bowl. Either use a double boiler or a bowl in the microwave for about 20 seconds. It should be liquid and mixed together. If you want to give it some color, you can melt some lip stick into the coconut oil.
    • Step 2: Pour into lip balm container and let set. I put mine in the freezer which I think helped to harden it faster.
    • Step 3: Once it is hard, you are done! So easy and you will never have to go without lip balm again, woo hoo!


On Beauty Quests and Product Favs

You know those moments in life when you turn an embarrassing moment into a life lesson? Like making super embarrassing lemons into delicious lemonade? I do this regularly.  Last year,  I went to this super fancy hair salon in LA and they totally called me out on the horrible, awful, no good, very bad shampoo I was using. My first reaction was to hang my head of sub par hair in shame and walk out of the salon never to return.

But, then they introduced me to a new ca099370b043e75b58508fa6ba19fafdshampoo that literally changed my hair life. I  have the kind of hair that totally pulls a Monica when there is even an ounce of moisture in the air. The new shampoo totally checks my outer Ms. Frizzle. (Shout out to the geeks that  remember Magic School Bus).

The discovery of the magical (and stupidly expensive because that’s the way these things go) shampoo led me to think that there were probably loads of other things I could invest in that would pay major beauty dividends later. Like beauty stocks. Or something. (I don’t really understand stocks). The slightly annoying thing about beauty products is  there are so dang many of them! It’s really hard to say, yes, this is the ONE.  It’s like seeking the holy grail if the holy grail were to take the form of a really amazing BB cream. And the quest  involves less rabid bunny rabbits and more waiting in line at Sephora.

So, in an attempt to bring us all one step closer to our own beauty grail, I’ve decided to regularly share some of the new beauty products I’ve discovered that I’m currently crushing on hard. Have you discovered any amazing beauty products that changed your beauty life? Share them in the comments!! 

5 Beauty Products you should totally try, like, now: 

  1. 3819d10c0ad2fb1e428dd4b10ef33624Oribe Shampoo and Conditioner: This is the magical shampoo I referred to and it is seriously worth every penny. It’s so good I wash my hair way less (also I’m kinda lazy but the shampoo definitely helps). The slot machine capital of America shockingly doesn’t care about luxury hair products so I’ve had to resort to buying it online either on their website or on Amazon.
  2. Too-Faced-Better-Than-Sex-Mascara-Fall-2013Too Faced: Better than Sex mascara: I know, the name is a little ridiculous. But seriously, you guys, this mascara is amaaaazzzzing. Think thick, luscious lashes, all the live long day. I think if I was limited to only 1 beauty product it might be this mascara, it’s that good. You can find it at Sephora or Ulta.
  3. Neutrogena Deep Moisture Night Cream: 6802536_320x385I totally didn’t get why people use different lotion at night until I tried this stuff. I woke up the next morning feeling like my face was replaced by a soft little peach. (Not really, that would be creepy! But so soft!) Good news, it’s totally affordable and you can find it at your local drug store. Score!
  4. Pacifica CC cream: I’ve never been a big fanPacifica-Ultra-CC-Cream-Radiant-Foundation-Natural-Medium-687735301291 of foundation. It might be that I’ve just never found the right one but it always left me feeling a little bit like I just put pancake batter on my face. So, I fell in love when BB creams became a serious thing because they are so much lighter. This Pacifica cream is awesome, goes on smooth and looks flawless. You can find it at Ulta and also Target.
  5. Tarte Eyebrow Mousse: There is a thin line between shading in your eyebrows beautifully or looking like this lady featured on andownload actual website called Ghetto Redhot. That being said, I am absolutely in favor of eyebrow enhancing. This mousse is great, comes with a brush (woot) and will last you approximately a million years. A worthy investment. Like everything in this post, you can find it at Ulta and Seophora.