Have a Wonderful Weekend!


Hooray, it’s Friday! What are you up to this lovely spring weekend? The Texan and I are making a serious attempt at assimilating to our local culture by going bowling tonight with friends. I am not exactly confident in my ability to bowl, but I plan to handle it humbly when I claim Gutter Ball Queen title tonight.  Whatever you are up to, I hope it is at least as grand as bowling on a Friday night in a casino.

Here are some fun links I saw around the web this week:

Grown up versions of your favorite teen decorating trends: I absolutely want that painted night sky bathroom. Painted with glow in the dark paint.

30 recipes you should know by 30: This is a great list and I think applies to everyone, even those already past 30 who haven’t mastered no knead bread yet (me).

40 stunning bathrooms with incredible views: I fantasize constantly about having an amazing bathtub. But, I’m  afraid I would end up like Margot Tennebaum and never leave the bathroom.

15 memorizing pottery videos: Feeling stressed? Just zone out and watch these videos because they are amazing.

12 Actors who got real about roles they did for money: None of these are very surprising (Jaws: Revenge was seriously a movie?)except for the the heart breaking revelation that Alec Guinness hated being Obi Wan. Saddest thing I read this week.

Drink more water with these refreshers: Seriously, I love flavored water. Currently have the basil/orange combo in my fridge and it is everything.

5 ways to update thrift store art: It’s posts like this that make me wish my husband appreciated quirky art more.

10 fav 90’s movies on Netflix: I love 90’s movies and want to watch everything on this list though I’m not sure I can subject myself to My Father, The Hero. I remember finding it creepy when I was a kid, I feel like that feeling will get worse.

Household tips for finding lost things: This list is pretty amazing and full of a lot of common sense ideas that I will probably be too lazy to do.

Whoa, these almond joy bites look amazing.

Have an amazing weekend full of white Russians and inner peace.


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