Have a lovely weekend!


Yay, we’ve all made it to the weekend. Do you have any exciting plans? I feel like I’m going to spend most of it trying to comprehend a world without Prince in it. So sad. So lacking in blouses. But, in addition to listening to Purple Rain on repeat, we are going to watch Game of Thrones which I’m so excited for and also maybe go see the Jungle Book (even though animals that talk kind of freak me out).  Whatever you are up to, I hope it includes dancing your life away like it’s 1999. It’s what he would want.

Here are some fun links I saw around the web this week:

What’s in Prince’s fridge? I know there are like a million stories about Prince on your newsfeed but chances are most don’t  include his love for Dunkaroos.

Dave Chappelle as Prince is seriously everything.  Game Blouses.

Simple rules for Croques Madame/Monsieur Seriously you guys, I’ve been having dreams about this sandwich, must make it this weekend.

Prince Harry and William get in a light saber fight. Team Harry forever.

Speaking of royals, the Queen turned 90 this week and rocked a fab green suit like it was nothing. She’s the best.

Given what a spaz I am in photos, I am seriously impressed by Posh’s ability to nail this perfect sassy hip every time. (She will always be Posh to me. Zizga zig-ah!)

Whipped Asparagus Pesto spread  For realsies, this looks delicious.

Woman Double Fisting Pizza on kiss cam is an American Hero. Also, she needs a cooler friend because that girl seems kinda embarrassed.

Squeee tiny tree houses for your houseplants. I want this so much!

Prettiest deserts to make this spring. I’m totally making a lemon meringue pie this afternoon and that basil mint coconut cream pie is going on my list.

Julia Child’s trick for perfect poached egg. I’ve found Julia is rarely wrong (except for all the love for aspics, ew).

Hope you have a lovely weekend!!


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