Away we go: Happy Holiday Weekend!

I can nearly hear all of you crying from my lack of blogging.  Apparently, having a job again makes it super difficult for me to blog. And to make stuff. And my cooking has also taken a serious hit.  Basically, balancing life is hard, yo. I haven’t given up on my incessant reading though. I seriously wake up 2 hours early so I can have an hour to read and an hour to exercise. Because I’m a nerdy loser who is also concerned about staying fit.

I can’t promise I will get this blogging thing figured out but in the meantime,  I thought I’d share an update on this lovely Friday before a holiday weekend. This is going to be a super long, awesome, amazing adventure of a 4th for us because the Texan and I are going to SCOTLAND for a week. And ALL MY EXCITEMENT IS COMING OUT IN CAPS. Because seriously, the place we are staying is a legit palace!!  And we are going to traipsing around the highlands in newly purchased REI hiking gear ( For the record, I’ve hiked a lot but never bought hiking pants until now and they are so comfortable I might wear them everyday. Pricey but totally worth it.) Being married is great for loads of reasons but going on adventures together is super high on my list.

I hope that all of you are having a grand old time this weekend, kicking up your heels and making sure to avoid any stray sparks from fireworks. Here is a compilation of the cool stuff I’ve seen around the web for the past few weeks:

Michelle Obama tells you how to deal with haters. She is so wise and wonderful. I’mma gonna miss her.

Blue wine is coming to America. Seriously, just no. Here’s some free advice for y’all: drinks that are unnaturally bright are usually the same ones that will make feel like this the next day.

Women having a terrible time at parties in art. “oh. you found us. you found us with your guitar. hey guys he found us and brought his guitar with him.” Pretty sure that picture/caption is taken from my freshman year of college.

Not sure what dessert to make for the 4th? The kitchn has you covered. So much goodness.

They are coming out with a Wicked movie!! Let’s all start practicing singing defying gravity and maybe by the time they get this together we’ll be able to do it (okay, prob not).

Sassy Coffee Mugs: You had me at sass. And coffee. Basically my two favorite things.

10 perfect potato salad recipes for the 4th. I would totally make one of these if I were going to be here. But chances are I’ll likely eating haggis on the 4th (vom)

This Kate Middleton dress is everything. And it probably kinda mean but it makes me feel better knowing that she can’t cook–turns out she is a human and not some goddess come to earth after all.

15 facts about Ferris Bueller’s Day Off Anthony Michael Hall as Ferris? No. He will always be the nerd that asked for Molly Ringwald’s undies, so un-Ferris like.

Have the best weekend lovelies! xo




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