The Most Additive Book Series’s Ever

I have always been able to read a book and block out everything else happening around me. If books didn’t exist, I’m fairly certain I never would have survived any family road trips. I’ve never been more grateful that I could read in the car than when I was sandwiched between my siblings, ignoring their bickering, completely absorbed in the words of Lousia May Alcott or Jane Austen. (Or, let’s be honest, mostly less high brow books like the Baby Sitters Club or Sweet Valley High).

I’m still a consummate reader–I feel unsettled if I don’t have at least 2 books waiting in my reading queue. And because I am such an avid devour-er of books, I am highly susceptible to a book series. Sometimes the best stories are the one that take at least 7, 1,500 page books for you to know the story. I also understand the beauty of writing a novel that leaves people wanting more, questioning what happens next and imagining their own world for the characters.  But I’m also the sort of person that is like, no but really WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? Because these people are real obviously and I must know if they find the last place on earth with electricity or whatever.

The nice thing about a book series is that you rarely have to wonder what happens next. With the one very notable exception being the Game of Thrones books since I’m half convinced we will never see the next book anyway.  That is the one serious downside to a series, if you start it before the author is done writing the whole thing then the waiting really does feel like the worst thing ever.

So, if you are like me and you are a lover of reading an excellent book series, I’m going to share with you the most deliciously addictive ones I’ve read. You’ll notice more than 1 YA series on this list. I totally love YA books and I’m not afraid to say so.

Consider yourself warned: if you start any of these you should probably plan ahead. Make a trip to Trader Joe’s for provisions, wait until it’s so ghastly outside you don’t want to leave the house and hunker down for a weekend of reading.

  1. Outlander: I started reading this series prior to the TV show and the show has only made me fall in love with the books even more. If you like a good love story with a bit of history, this book is for you. Also, sassy lead women. I’m totally a sucker for them. I know I’ve had her books on my previous lists, but seriously they are so good. Even with all the over-the-top sex scenes that kind of make me giggle like a 12 year old. Am I the only person that can’t read a description of a “member” without laughing. just a little bit?
  2. His Dark Materials: I’ve read this series twice and every time I’m struck with the sheer beauty of the writing and the world Phil Pullman creates. Another strong female lead series but one that makes you think about love, life, the meaning of it all and also some physics because, why not?
  3. The Cousin’s War Series:  I totally read these books out of order accidentally and they were still super addictive. I love a good court intrigue story and a bit of history and these books have those in spades. No one can write a strong female historical lead like Phillipa Gregory.
  4. Harry Potter:  No book series list I write would be complete without Harry Potter. I’ve read the series 3 times and I still cry at the end, every.single.time. No matter how old you are, you will love these books and immediately relate to the world that JK Rowling creates. Unless you have no imagination whatsoever and if that is the case, reading must really not be very fun for you.
  5. Song of Ice and Fire: AKA the Game of Thrones Books. Even in spite of my disappointment at maybe never knowing the end of the story, I still loved these books. There are so many characters and story lines there is something for every one here.  And I remember when I was reading them being super addicted to finding out what happens next, the mark of a truly excellent series.

Okay, all 5 of you still reading, what are your favorite book series’s? Share it in the comments!

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