Happy Weekend!

I don’t know about you all but I was so ready for the weekend to come this week, like around Wednesday.

And because it is still Election season, and even worse it’s this miserable, awful, horrible, no good, very bad, Election season, that desire to have the weekend come is even greater. I say this even though I know nothing awaits me during the weekend except more work. (Someone, quick! Build me a time machine so I don’t decide politics is a good idea for a career. Please. I will pay you in bread. Or gum. Your choice). But hey, wishing for the weekend means we  are getting closer to all of this being over and to that, I say we cheers some pumpkin spice lattes.

Because seriously, has there ever been an election that we want to end more than this one? I feel like we’ve all been a part of a slow motion 15 car pile up and every day another car slams into the mess.  Please, let it end, America (and probably the rest of the world) is saying in 1 large Greek chorus in the back ground of every debate/ad/mailer/talking head that won’t stop talking.

But, in other non-depressing news, it’s Halloween. Which basically means nothing to me since I’m old and married and no longer pretend to make an effort to find a clever/cute/kinda sexy but not too sexy costume. But, it does mean that other non-childless people dress up their children and I’m all for seeing that cuteness. Anyone have exciting plans?

To send you all into the weekend with some thoughts that don’t involve anything political, I’m sharing some fun stuff I’ve seen around the web from the past few weeks. Hope you enjoy!

Tiny pancakes + kittens = I think this post was written just for me.

To any of you marrieds thinking maybe you’re missing out on dating, just read this depressing story and be thankful for your farting husband.

15 Recipes for cinnamon lovers. Or a complete list of your carb intake for the year. Bread lovers and those that dream about bread, you’re welcome.

I’ve never been more annoyed with an article than this one. I guess he doesn’t know anyone who dated long enough to delve into “their complexities” pre-marriage. Because seriously.

Puppets usually creep me out but the Golden Girls as puppets? Kind of okay for some reason.

Ice cream ramen sounds just disgusting enough to work. 2 please.

In my dreams, I can do calligraphy like this. 

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Kate Middleton is my style icon, now, forever and always.

If any of you went to a Luke’s Diner when it popped up earlier this month, I’m officially jealous.

Hello Kitty wine?! Seriously curious what it tastes like. I’m going with pink.

Challenge accepted. #eatallthecheese

Queen Ina’s date night tips.

What is the consensus around glitter lips? Looks cool but also, grainy. Right?

How to make mulled cider in the slow cooker. Vital fall reading.

Happy weekend everyone!



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