Lamenting the fun, funny times….

I think it’s safe to say I’ve gone beyond neglect with this whole blog thing and upgraded it to out right ignoring this space. And for that I’m sorry. I don’t have much of a reason except that life got in the way, my motivation waned and you all suffered as result. I almost shut this whole thing down as a lost cause but then I decided hey, for all 2 of you reading, I should keep going. Or maybe there aren’t even 2 of you out there. And that’s okay.  I should just keep going for me. Self, I’m so glad you’re reading this right now.

Since I last wrote we had an election, the holidays, a new year,  lots of sad celebrity death (let’s all pour one out for Carrie Fisher and Alan Rickman) and, with our new President in office just a few weeks, the complete removal of the foundations of our democracy.

What a swell time we live in folks.

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I’ve intentionally kept politics off this blog. I have my reasons for doing so. First, for those of you that know me (which if there is a “you” reading this, there’s a strong chance you do) then you know I work in politics and have done so for the past decade. I really like that this blog isn’t a space for work. I like that it is for things like cooking, strong opinions on coloring and sharing silly links to thinks no one can argue with me about. Unless you are a weirdo and don’t like things like Harry Potter or Hello Kitty Wine chances are you can find some fun here. And that’s what I want. More fun. More funny. More laughing. Life doesn’t have enough of the fun, laughing,  funnies these days.  Or jokes made with improper grammar. (Wait, we maybe have enough of those? Sorry).

Except every since November 9, 2016 it seems like there are less and less reasons to laugh with the fun, funnies. Unless it is the hysterical, endless laughter that’s more like, wait,  this can’t be happening? Is it happening? OMG IT IS HAPPENING!!! So, let’s just laugh?  Because otherwise we will cry. Maybe we’ll laugh so hard we cry? That kind of laugh. Which is obviously the least fun of the laughs. Right behind polite laughter at unfunny speeches or worse, the forced laughter people give you when something isn’t funny but they are pretending it is. No one wants to hear your version of Chandler’s work laugh.

So, with that in mind, I’m here to say this: let’s just all agree that we can’t just sit here and share links about Kate Middleton’s dresses or ice cream bars that cure hang overs for the next 4 years.  We should still do that. Heck, we might as well all load up on those ice cream bars. But, if you care at all for your children, your cat, the air you breathe, basic human decency, democracy, civil rights and justice or just your right to exist, you need to wake up. And get involved. In whatever way you can. I don’t think you need to become like me. I’m a little nuts. But, do something. Ideally in your community. Here’s what this matters.

I believe that this happened in part because a lot of people were mad and he gave them an outlet. I think a bigger reason it happened is because most rational people out there say, politics? Ugh, ain’t nobody got time for that. I don’t like it and I want no part of it. I’m going to sit here and pretend if I keep sitting here, doing my thing It won’t hit me. That is a bubble that I’m sorry to burst for you but POP, BANG, ZAP, ZIGGZO. It’s done. And it’s happening now. To all of us. We need you, rational human, to wake up. The ship has gone aground, the bird has flown the nest, the train is off the rails. (I am super not good at analogies but you get my point).

You might want to stay in your safe space, maybe you even think you are privileged enough  to do so but let’s be real, this fool isn’t playing around. He is coming for us all. For anyone who thinks they are safe, I ask you to think real hard about that. He will find a way to make it so that if you don’t fit into the exact category of what he thinks of as “American.”

I refuse to even write his name here, which I know from reading my HP that might be giving him power. But it’s not really. It’s just not giving him acknowledgement. He is nothing to me except a figure to fight against. I remember a time when the thought of him being President made people laugh. SNL made a lot of jokes about it. It doesn’t seem so funny anymore. 

I can’t promise I will suddenly become a excellent blogger again. If this month is any indication, those of us who resist and fight back with ever fiber of our being will be busier than ever these days. I hope you will be there with me. In whatever way you can, let’s do this.


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